Step 1: Charging Walker Alarm

Charging Walker Alarm
Step 1: Charging Walker Alarm

➊ Turn switch to OFF position

➋ Plug in charging cable to the wall outlet and charging cable into the charging port. Charge for 6-24 hours. LED will be yellow during charging and green when charged.


Step 2: Customize the Biofeedback Settings

Slide Cover open by lightly pressing down and forward on the rear of the cover. If needed, gently lift front with fingernail.

 To get the feel of the Dip switches, move a switch up or down with a tip of a ball point pen, and feel when the switch engages into the up or down position.
Select the biofeedback features to use based on impairment and assessment:
SWITCH 1: Vibration Control
SWITCH 2: Sound Control (beep)
SWITCH 3: Light Control (white, red, then green)


Step 3: Customize the Distance Settings

Example of walker settings and bar mount based on the type of walker and the individual patient:

Rollator with narrow seat - recommended settings

Step 4: Install the Bar Mount and Power On

Powering On Walker Alarm


Install the bar mount indicated in Step 4 on the walker. Slide the Walker Alarm unit onto the mount, with the sensors facing the patient. Turn on the Walker Alarm using the on/off switch on the side of the device.